Shukang Yu, an interaction and graphic designer based in Beijing. He is also a co-founder of 808: Studio(404X2). Previously working at Studio Lin, Cai Guo-Qiang Studio, and Sony Music. He is also a "professional" Pomeranian dad. You can choose your vision status by using the slider on the top. This website is not using cookies.


Stars in Silence

Stars in Silence is a platform for people living in urbanized cities to see stars with bare eyes. It provides the best stargazing locations nearby. After achieving certain user goals, Stars in Silence will build a multi-purpose stargazing tower headquartered in NYC.

The Museum of Broken Relationships Posters, 2020

The Museum of Broken Relationships Posters, 2020
A series of posters for the Museum of Broken Relationships. The ordinary objects will become very unordinary once people give them a meaning. Love is a timeless topic, in this museum, you may be able to find out other people’s “broken” experience, and the stories of why they chose to display those specific objects to represent the broken relationships. People can put all these broken relationships in there and have other people watch them. Key rings, books, coffins, toys, axes, iron, a piece of mirror and so on. People have different forms and stories of heartbreak in a relationship, which makes this museum fascinating.
18 X 24 In, Matte paper.

DaMi Design Website, 2021

Official website and art direction for a Beijing based design agency DaMi design. The studio usually works with cultural projects in Beijing, so we decided to embed the site in places that are common in Beijing, but are absolutely unexpected for a digital format. 

OMA NY Search Term, 2021

Studio Lin’s comment: “OMA New York’s self published monograph reviewing over 10 years of work. With over 5,500 images, each project is presented in extreme detail. For each project, existing powerpoint presentations are used to create the basic narrative structure. Additional images, diagrams and sketches fill in the gaps.”

OMA NY Search Term, 2021

“OMA NY Search Term” published by @rizzolibooks out now. The most architecture you can fit into 676 pages. One review said “there is something about architecture firm OMA’s new monograph…that calls to mind the Uline catalogue.”
8 x 11-1/3, Published by Rizzoli ©Studio Lin

Parties Always Start Late, 2021

In the current age, people are always late, especially for parties, if you are on time, you are early. Concept by Sixin Chen, 3D design by Zuheng Yin.

The Emperor of China Exhibition, 2018

Exhibition design for Ai Weiwei and Tsang Tsou Choi, letters are customized.

Black Tears I, 2022

Digital hand drawing, 7.3 X 10.3 in

Website for Yuoning Chien

Website design and development for Taiwanese artist and illustrator Yuoning Chien now working in Switzerland. The portfolio website occasionally serve the purpose of showing people’s personally, this is an example of how people can tell her personal taste before actually meet her. She is also a good friend of 808: Studio.

The New Fear Magazine,2021

The 37th issue of New Fear Magazine is about "Megaophobia" with features images and interviews from people around the world who take pictures of huge objects. I have always had inexplicable fear of huge objects, which are so unequal in scale that I have to bend my neck to look up at them. They are always in form of statues and churches. It always take decades or even centuries to build a church, and they are successfully obtain the attention of people passing by. This kind of huge thing, it often appears in "inappropriate" occasion, they deliberately appear in the place where the crowd gathers, and deliberately far larger than the size of the building according to the law of human rule.
8 X 11 In, Glossy paper.

MFAD22 Virtual Exhibition, 2021

Everyone has different perspectives for a certain topic, It depends on what kind of opinion people choose. This website site is an online gallery to archive opinions from DSG 6720 A, a SVA MFAD class by Amy Wang.

808: Studio Year of the OX Postcard, 2021

A digital postcard designed to give our all clients and friends best wishes.
8.5 X 13.8 In, Digital

The Book of Soul, 2021

A book about the imprisoned soul. Words come from the lyrics of The Higher Being from Chinese post-rock singer Douwei’s first album Black Dream. The variable typeface by: Phase (Elias Hanzer). Phase is a generative type concept. It is systematically designed with modular components, which form the base for an infinite number of shapes. Through variable font technology, it can be manipulated in real-time or with sound via voice input.

Black Tears II, 2022

Digital hand drawing, 9 X 9 in

The Book of Sun, 2021

A book about the sunlight and the artificial sunlight. The first part of this book shows people taking direct photographs of the natural sun. Printing the sun lights is a ridiculous thing to do, however here I find the limitation of the paper to print the light - it has to be left blank. Take advantage of this and we created some artificial suns in another part of the book, which is the worst imitation of the sun.
7.9 X 11 In, Natural white 38 lb paper, Link Stitch binding.

Zhavia-Candlelight, 2018

Animation for Zhavia-Candlelight, Artwork by ©Sony Music


Instagram: @suke.sb

Along his design practice, Shukang Yu has found his focused area is about finding the unique voice and personality from the different companies and individuals, and then he amplifies them by visual execution. In New York where he received his MFA, typography played a critical role in different places, this is where he has been training. He likes to work with startups, designers, photographers, illustrators, fine artists, curators, musicians, singers…

Interaction Design, UI/UX, Design Research, Brand Strategy, Branding, Visual Identity, Editorial, Website design

The Boundary of Graphic and Communication Design, with guest Mianwei Wang @ Yale and Guo @CSM, Summer 2020

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